Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Is Power

now its hot. its HOT.. hahaaa.. we have been waiting for this! somehow I was expecting these hot days and night to arrive earlier than this, its Mid June.. but lets not complain!
Summer is here and will stay!

Temperatures do not get under +20 at all.. and during days its more than +30. every single day!
We live in bikinis and spend days in water.. beach pool or our roof.
We have literally moved outdoors. And our donwstairs balcony has turned into a one swimming gear storage..

Our rooftop is so hot during the days that was getting difficult to be there.. so I created my -one woman temporary solution- to get some shades.. Patrik will come here this weekend so lets see what the male brain says about my sheets flying on the sky! but hey! it works!hahaa!  it doesnt ofcourse cool us down, but atleast some hiding place where you are not under the direct sun.  Its not a cold shower, but does make a huge difference....  It is killerhot during the afternoon hours much more than +40 here.. Feels like +50..

I have also thrown away all my gardening dreams. I dont do garden. I dont do plants. I dont do flowers. I have decided to do cactus-trees. they seem to be the only ones that like me. all others, hates me and dont wanna live in my home. They just die and die and die no matter what I do, how much I read info and advice. I get so annoyed and angry and miserable. So one day, I took all the last ones, -nearly dying- out of here and said NO MORE. Just have to live with it. We will not have a green haven rooftop.
.. but we like it anyway

I dont know whats the name of this plant, I got some of it from my Spanish friend and put it on soil and wow, it seems to be the only one that likes me. So she got to stay.

My favorite spot is this; I left 1 open space on the roof and this is it. The evening sun comes directly here, its sooooo lovely to lie here around 6-9pm, when the sun is not so hot anymore ( +25..-28 or so ) .. just perfect warm. Lie here read or just listen to music..

Kids wanna do everything up.. everything. We even sleep there.. hehee

This appartment is not ours, meaning we are renting, and for less than a year, so dont want to make huge investments here.. Just like this roof issue, our landlord is not buying a proper one for us, so we wont be either for few months.. since they cost couple thousand bucks...Roofs are difficult up here, it can get really really windy and then everything flies away or breaks down, there are many kind of variations in our neighbours homes..

During the times we do spend inside.. Oskar is quite happy, he has got his " first ever" big boys own room.. he chose himself everything he wanted there. The toys, the posters the layout. hih. "oskars kingdom" and he actually sometimes says to Ines " you are not allowed to come here now, im playing big boys stuff, my games" .. and little Ines cries and goes back to her Princess Corner. When did they start being this old?

We also have a new friend, Supermarket Home Delivery! Wohoooooooo!!! with this hot weather .. water water, milk milk, sodas, juices.. its a crazy amount of hevy stuff one needs to carry home from supermarket. So we started using home delivery! when you buy with more than 65e, they bring it home free of charge, to your doorstep. And you can buy anything, vegetables, fruit, meat, frozen stuff. Anything. Its all on-line!
so, once a week this guy is our best friend! Mercadona!
( I believe many supermarkets here have the same, Cayetano, Eroski, Mercadona)

however, with these temperatures... one does not really feel like eating anything heavy, its salads, fish and light stuff. I try to keep us in fruit and veggies and potatoes and not just pasta and fries.
We eat a lot of pepinos! Spanish cucumbers! Eat Pepinos! they are good they are healthy and they will not poison anyone! we eat them everyday, and we are not dead. Oskars favorite snack if he gets to choose is home-made fries and pepinos.

hmm.. what else belongs to summer. Oh yeah, plasters. Ines is extremely talented with her little toes. they are all over and need of plaster. Min 1 package a week. The Plaster Queen.

Nature is also feeling the sun, all this that used be pretty wiild flowers out of my kitchen window is just dry dead field.. heh.

All bedcovers are gone with the washing machine..

... It Is Summer Boogie In Da House!  Summer Is Power!

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