Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nerja Caves - Cueva de Nerja

caves and the cavepeople..
who were they and how did they make it, what did they think about, what did they know..hmm..

these questions really came up when we visited some rather big caves in Nerja.
Nerja is small town "on the other side of Malaga" - meaning we live between Malaga and Marbella towards Gibraltar and we had never been before to see whats there behind Malaga. Was nice to go and explore more of Andalucian Costa.  It was different than here "on this side", I must say! much more countryside, I mean really much more farming. Ive sometimes wondered where are all the Greenhouses where they grow the Pepinos and Green Peppers, now I know. They are all there, in Velez-Malaga area and around!

Also, more mountains! Hills up and down and tunnels and tunnels and tunnels. Very beautiful scenes, and less, much more less turistic! I can see the appeal for some expats to choose to live there, was not as busy and hectic as it is here in the turist world.
Roads are great here, many lines and all in good condition...
I highly recommend everyone to take a car and go see around.

Nerja is about 50kms from Malaga, the last last last little town/ village in Malaga Province before Granada.
All this 50+ kms was toll free roads which was a suprise to us.. It seems that all the good roads on this side are with tolls from Malaga to Gibraltar.

These caves we visited were found 1959 by some schoolkids playing in the mountains ( atleast this is what the story says 9year old kids were looking for bats and went inside the caves ) and have been open to public quite some time now, however, only 1 / 3 is still open for visitors. Was busy there, turist buses and all nationalities and languages could be heard and seen. We didnt really know what to expect, we both had been to see stone caves in Mallorca many times when were kids but not ince that, so were quite anxious to see them as well with Patrik. But most of all, wanted to show kids something "different".

The entrance was just this small door into a "house" ... and off we went down, down, down the stairs.

and it was huge! much bigger than we had expected, and STUNNING! I must say! they have the worlds tallest and widest colomn in this cave.  It was massive. I read from somewhere that Guinness Book of Records mentions these caves also. We went reallly high up and really down to the bottom, was very impressive. The main cave was huge. The paths were good and was very well kept in general, did not give any feeling of danger etc.. kids were a bit scared though.. their first time ever inside a real cave!

One part of the cave was made as a little concert hall, and I saw in the newspaper it was only just recently they had a Jazz Festival there. Also Flamenco shows, classical concerts, all of it.

Unfortunately I did not get good fotos from there, there were signs all over " no fotos " in the biggest, the main part of the cave. They did have however, turistic fotos taken by everyone who entered inside. No questions asked and when we said no thank you- they followed us and got angry. .

The entrance was 21euros from us together, but was worth it! as said; kids were a bit afraid, and in some parts we carried little Ines.. it was dark and wet and Oskar kept saying: " No, Mom,  Im not afraid..." . Afterwords he said it was scary but he is happy he got to see it, now he has been to a real cave!
He wasnt expecting it to be so dark there.
Luckily there were many other children as well to give them a bit nicer feeling.

The caves are not in the center of Nerja, about 4-5kms outside but there are good signs all over,
difficult to miss!

more info HERE

I found this lovely video clip filmed inside the caves from You Tube!

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