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Sevilla in 26 hours - 4 The Parks and The Palaces

Maria Louisa Park or Plaza Espana. I dont know which is cooler or where to start..
On my second day in Sevilla, I only wanted to see these 2- and was thinking will have a chill out couple hours " in a park" and enjoy the people and the sun.. heh. The only thing I had not thought about was.. these both are huge! I ended up walking many many more km's that had been planning, just simply because there was all the time something beautiful coming and coming...and I could not resist to go see it all. I nearly ran to my train since there was so much to see. And it was hot hot hot and I had ofcourse checked out of the hostel and was carrying all my stuff with me, ok was not much, but still.. I said to my son when came home that mommy nearly turned into a fish in Sevilla since I drank so much water. It was killing hot after 12 o'clock.

I did have my map, and should have known.. this area of the park in the map is huge as well.. heh
but what can you do, blonde is blonde...

But before I go to these 2 I want to show something I found on my way there.. a demonstration. Quite a few people living in tents in smal park in front of a " palace" where the Andalucian Government sits, The Palace of San Telmo. There they were, sitting and cooking and playing cards and looked like no-one had no plans to leave ever.. very peacefull, no screaming just these "statements" to express why they are there.. I thought this was amazing and was thinking that in my country in Finland, would this be possible, would the police come and send everyone home ( or jail) .. hmm..  I did not even understand what they were demonstrating, 5 months without something.. anyone, any help here?

The Palace of San Telmo was empty ofcourse on a Sunday morning..

The park area starts right behind this government palace, was nice walk there passing an old theatre.

but facts first.. Plaza Espana is not even old old, all this glory was built for the 1929 World Expo that was held in Sevilla. Exposition Ibero- Americana. The Fair of Americas. There is still left the pavillion of Chile, the Pavillion of Peru, the Plaza of America, Avenida de Columbia.. lots of south american names for roads and roundabouts and plazas and houses. The park Maria Luisa attached to the huge Plaza Espana was given to the city of Sevilla for this expo from a Countess called Maria Luisa. This expo was not ver big, there was bigger in the same year in Barcelona. But was very stylish and meant to honor Columbus and the discovery of Americas.
 more info here.. Ibero American Exposition 1929

so all this was made and built for the expo.. wooooow ...

and then the park.. it was just amazing.. went on and on and on and all the time something cool came up..

and then literally out of the bushes came this little place, made for great operas and  composers and theatre..

In some parts of the park it was more grassfields and kids were taking the joy of jumping in watershowers..

In the middle of the park I found these little steps and wondered where to they lead..

this park was just amazing .. has this been the garden of this Countess who gave it to Sevilla?
nice garden madam had.. it just seemed never ending.. You can rend bikes there, or take a guided bike tour, rent these funky looking twincarriages or just take the easy way and take a horsecarriage ride around the park. The "avenues" inside the park where huge as well.. just gotta say wow.

at the "other " end there was more palaces, or mansions as they are called. Used as museums nowadays.

and this little plaza full of pigeons kids were feeding.. they even sell the seeds to feed the birds there. A bit of Hitchcock and The Birds movie feeling though at first sight..

At this end there was 2 funky looking cafe / bar / clubs, not open, maybe just in the evenings? the gates to the park closes at midnight, but I saw that these bars had entrance to the street, so maybe they are open till late..
looked really cozy lounge bars.

at this time I had to start running to my train.. Hasta Luego Maria Luisa lovely park.. I think this park is one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen and beeen to. Just loved it!

I had checked from my map that the train station is not "too far" - so I could walk, there was one little park on the way and wanted to see that as well. And heh, I found this Octoberfest, Beer Festival in that park. Looked like was a lot of fun in the evening..

Kinda funny to find a german beer festival in Sevilla middle summer when its hot hot hot.. but hey - why not? This festival is still going on, until the 19th June!

This park is next to Plaza San Sebastian and Prado San Sebastian Station. Lovely place as well.. and had one more really funky looking lounge bar there.

Walking around Sevilla is great.. you will never know what comes around the corner..

like this old  aqueduct I saw middle of a street, I actually started laughing when saw this, I had seen so much beautiful things and wonders around me that this was no surpise anymore. Ofcourse, in Sevilla there is Aqueduct standing on middle of road.. its normal, isnt it?
Gran Sevilla!

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