Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Home Is My Castle


                                                     Mi Casa Es Mi Castillo

I´ve put here so many fotos of our beach and beach and beach - and neighbourhoods..
now I want to show you where we live!
I love this place, am very happy we found this "castle" .. no need to go anywhere if we dont feel like it. Today was a pool day again. Very hot lovely day, blue sky- no clouds to be seen anywhere.
Gotta love these days!

Kids  like to swim a lot and sometimes waves are so big in the sea that pool is much better.

And, after a day at the pool- there is no sand all over at home.
Me, the cleaning lady of this household, likes that!

In all ways I in a complex with a pool is just heaven, and not the least because of the fact that home is there and fridge and lunch.. Also its starting to get really hot here during early afternoon hours, too hot for kiddies. No need to travel by bus or walk or drive,  just leave your stuff there for an hour or 2, take a lift upstairs and you are home. Perfecto!

so hot actually that I have started to fill water bottles again every evening to fridge so we always have cold water where ever we go.. 'Crab And Go'

Hmm.. Water Water Water. Sun Sun Sun. -My tan likes them both!

This appartment complex, Candymar  ( candysea) where we live  is quite big and we have a nice garden, kids playarea.. pretty flowers, palmtrees, bananatrees... all inside a gated area, also proper toilets by the pool. Girls and Boys.

and no dog left overs..

And when you add all the stunning views  we have here....

I also like a lot the fact that the pool area is locked, so kids cant run there without us. The lowest end is 120cm and the deepest 200cm. really dangerous for a little girl like our Ines, she cant swim yet, even though she thinks she can.. Ines hates these puffs she has to wear. Everyday. All the time... and Oskar does not have to...

Only minus point is that supermarkets are a bit further away, but not too bad anyway.
Can live with that.. scenery makes it all worth while. In general, this entire area around us here is very relaxed and peaceful and quiet

today we didnt get any sheep we got goats visiting us.. Im sucha city girl that I still find this amazing that animals come here walking around.. everytime they come and we are home we run to see them.

Gotta love this place!
One home for sure I will remember the rest of my life!

This weekend has also been mind blowing for kids, since they saw MAMMA MIA -movie the first time on Friday.. hehee.. I told them the story and read all the texts and they just LOVED IT! They have seen it now 3 times after Friday.. hahaa. Oskar knew all the songs already before;  we have Abba songs as Playstation Singstar version and he liked to sing them already in Finland.

Also, in his kindergarden in FIN they had kids discos where they played ABBA
- so now he got the story as well..

Great taste they have, dont you think..?

My personal favorite of the movie ( that I love and adore and have seen 20times ) is Meryl Streep.
I think she is just amazing.. and this scene especially.. wow!

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