Thursday, May 26, 2011

Material girls and a boy

Toy shops. Heaven or Hell?

We found this one accidently in the center of town.. and ofcourse had to go in.
Kids went crazy.. we havent been to Toys R Us or such for a looooong time..
- and somehow I have a feeling we wont be going either..

Funny stuff they have nowadays..  with only eleven fifty, you can get married!

and play husband and wife in bikinis.. ( si quiero = I do )

you can fix your doll's clothes in order..

and Playmobilize your football ( Hey, we are in Spain )

They also had little cars from the movie CARS 2 there already for sale.. Oskar is really waiting for that movie to hit the theatres..and little bit us adults too, I think the first one is a great movie!

he has nearly all the little cars from the first movie, somewhere in the house. Can be found under sofas and beds.. but is ok because he still likes to play with them sometimes, not very often though. Nowadays, its actually little Ines who has found these little cars, so good thing we didn't give them away..Let's see if the interest rises again with Oskar after the movie 2 comes out.

and ofcourse I had to buy them something, If I didnt I think we would still be there.. ( sorry Pat, I know we have far too many toys already.. )  - This was the first time kids got same toys, Ines got a Princess Castle and Oskar a Knight Castle. Happy little people.

oih Romeo, oih Romeo, where are you Romeo?

Siesta -time.. zzzzzz.....

We go very rarely to that part of the town where this toyshop was, but now had some business there and walked around afterwords. Annnnnd.. I  found this shop that sells and makes Flamenco- dresses! Wow! I have to get a Flamenco-dress formyself before the big ferias in October. And also as a "souvenier" .. I love them! and these red ones especially, red is my color!

Aren't they just beautiful!

I was thinking about these red pants for weeks.. I too old, I dont care, I got them and I love them...I adore them.. hehee..

I went through my clothes the other day, you know, when piles are getting too big and wardrobe so messy that you just need to. One thing I keep postponing but now just had to..
You all know by now that I am a bit a coocoo-head but this time I also suprised myself.
I did not even live in the 60's but I seem to have many many clothes with all sorts of flower pattern..
I mean really.
I guess I am a flower girl then ;)
All these can be found in my closets.. with some others too.
Flower Power People!

even my red dress has a flower pattern on it.. personarl favorite though,  is not red.. its this green, greener, the greenest. I found this beauty from a street market in Paris last summer. My "Cheer-Up"  Dress..

                                             Flower Power everyone! We are all Superstars!

I found this cake from Iceland- Supermarket.. uuuuh.. damn good!! If you have Iceland near you, go get one.. really yummy! Better stop buying these if I want to fit my red pants next month too..
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate... I love you Chocolate!

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