Thursday, February 10, 2011

sausage says HK


I know, I have a friend visiting and we should be eating Tapas and Spanish. We just could not resist the food Natalia brought us from Finland..

Sausage is HK and is a super dooper real hit for kiddies! Its not even a real sausage, water and flour .. it says in the package that 43% is meat, but I am not so sure of that. Still, its great. HK is OK !

Fried with onions..

served with beefroot, mustard and smash potatoes

and Marimekko  of course..

Sausage was not the only goodie we got.. these Rice Pies are just GREAT! Served with boiled-eggs-and-butter mix. We love them!

Finnish lunch, simple and easy.. and fast!

Followed by coffee tea chocloates ice-cream and strawberries- under the Andalucian sun..

Today we are so Finnish, even our diswasher speaks only Finnish today..

here is what Lonely Planet Travel says about Helsinki and Finland:

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