Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Wednesday In Fuengirola

Our  morning came out as cloudy. Really cloudy and I was already thinking
"oh s..t" its gonna rain.. noooo .. but luckily not!  was a hot day again, a bit cloudy, but hot enough for us..

 By the time of siesta, it was all nice again ..We had some friend's kids playing in our house and I must say.. I love the way kids like to dress up to outfits. Oskar and Ines had superb morning with friends and funny costumes..

then we hit the beach.. just like the plan was and it was nice.

As much as I like the  afternoon hours at the beach..  I love the evening sun as well. Its amazing how the sun suddenly disappears behind the mountains.. little by little and its all red.. amazingly red. I wish I had better camera to capture this nightfall..
The sky is just amazing most of the nights.. when its hot at daytime, the contrast to colder weather must have a reaction or something.. anyone? what is it.. ? Beautiful red sky here, nearly every night. its just wow...

The entire city of Fuengirola looks just like magic at night-time.. must go alone some evening with camera,  just  to smell it and feel it.. Kids are so young,  its always a bit of a chaos  with them.
 I like the feeling of slowliness.. places are opening one by one.. little by little. Its getting warmer,  days are hot and nights are warmer..I can feel the difference, we can still sit outside at 11pm, with no rush inside.. Also, more people on the streets.

Feels like this little town has been sleeping for couple of months and now slowly opens up to life again. Tourist season is starting.
I like that.

                            Beach is Best!

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