Friday, May 27, 2011

Las Islas - A little piece of heaven

I was invited to a dinnerparty to a place called  Las Islas . ( click click )
I couldnt go that Saturday and actually, now afterwords,  Im really bummed because of that... The invitation came from a childhood friend who has lived here 14yrs, and the party,  it was only for the Finnish Chicas who lives here, dinner at the gardens of heaven and I could not go.. grrr.. oh well.
 - must stop thinking about it how lovely evening they had,
they were all dressed in white and brought scent candles with them into the garden..

I checked the place from internet as it said in the invitation and realized, its right here in Torreblanca... 500m where we live by birdway.. less than a kilometre by roads..
-I just had to go see it, and not the least because -this industry- is our business..
and a small hotel-oasis has always been my dream... always always always..
just have to win the lottery first.

I phoned them before to ask if we can come there just to look around..  I had to take the monkeys with me.. and this place is sort of adults only, luckily the man on the phone said; ofcourse you can ..
so we went early evening with no damage done;)

What a Place! Mamma Mia... Originally this place was built to be a hotel already in 1945, and has seen many owners and many deco's,  now its owned by a guy from Lebanon and belongs to a chain of small hotels in Andalucia. Last winter they re-did a lot and re-opened 1st April with this new concept..
I could imagine something like this hiding in the bushes in Ibiza or the Greek Islands, but here as well..  wow..
They only have 12 rooms in this hotel and no reception desk.. no crazyness, no busy feeling, no taxis waiting in line outside.. just peace and quiet and beautiful scenes.. 3 stars, no more than that, no business center, no concierge, no gym, no fancy stuff..  but who needs that when you can just chill and relax...
- no groups coming in screaming with their suitcases..

They  have a restaurant around the pool area ( also indoors ), serves Lebanese Kitchen, very special to Andalucia. Nice people, warm athmosphere... wanna go for a dinner some evening.. I can only imagine all the candles and little arabic lamps and lights under the starlight.
How romantic and cozy and aaaaaah ..

you can probably all imagine;  now that Ive been so much alone with kiddies..
- I just wanted to stay there..
I just love this place!
I really hope they stay in business and people find them..

The road there was just like any road in the local neighbourhoods, small and pretty,  we could barely notice the hotel, but luckily did find it.. hiding the bushes..

we took " the garden road out" meaning they have a  sort of secret exit via garden, meant for the hotel guests only..

I get no money or free dinners or nights by saying things, just think its so beautiful place should not go down cuz lack of customers!  the restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner and welcomes everyone, not just hotel guest! lovely lovely lovely place and I so want to see it in the evening light..

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              TAKE IT EASY, NO STRESS 

I can imagine myself listening to old old Cafe Del Mar..
lying by the pool or reading a book in the balcony facing the garden..
ok its from Ibiza, but just love it.. :)

                    more than ever people- cafe del mar

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