Sunday, May 1, 2011

La vida es una gran fiesta

First of all I must send greetings to everyone in Finland.
I hope you had great great First of May party! We celebrated here as well. With our student hats and  fishsandwich snack, as the tradition is!... Finns here had organized a small get together at the beach and afterwords we took kids to minitivoli as we had promised.. fun all the way! we had a lovely lovely evening all in all. Weather has been rain -no rain -rain -no rain again so, everything was left to the last minute to see what the weather goddess does. At the end, we got nice weather, happy people and a cozy athmosphere.

Vappu is what you make of it!
This was this one in Andalucia, and was just great!

But I must say- Parties in Finland are nothing compared to here.. in Andalucia, people knows how to live and enjoy it! One party after another.. always something going on, or atleast not many weeks in between.

before the Vappu party at the beach.. on Friday,  we had lot of fun as well!

This weekend we had International Feria in Fuengirola. And what a cool fiesta this was! I personally think its one of the best Ferias I have so far been to. We still give high points to Feria we went to in San Pedro last year, but this International was quite superb as well. I can only imagine the action at nighttime. When we left around 10pm people were only starting to show up.

This was I believe the 17th or 18th time this International Feria was held. Countries all have little houses were they show culture, dance, music and serve and sell lots of food and drinks. All the houses were COOL! 34 different countries participated this year, really colorful and loud and happy party.  Casetas, houses, were open from 1pm till 4am each night for 4 days in a row. Wow! Great bands and great people. Kids had extra fun since they also had little amusement park attached.

W had super evening - took a trip around the world. We ate sushi, we ate proper kebab, we ate thai food, tasted Indian beer and curry. You name it. Just wandered from one country to another and enjoyed the athmosphere...  We took a risk and went on Friday even though the weather was not our friend. But at the end was ok, few rain drops once in a while is not too bad. There was plenty of people, not too crazy.Im sure on Saturday, when sun was shining, this feria was packed with people and very busy. So lucky us, got to walk around in peace.

With these 2 great parties, we also had  a third one planned. This weekend was not only Finnish Vappu and trip around the world, but also, Big Party in Holland! Queensday, Koninginnedag. Everyone is on the streets and canals and everyone is wearing orange. Most of them something funny but always Orange. I love Queensday, I think its great fun. So the plan was to take kids to orange party here, we had outfits planned and chosed already and everything.. . But unfortunately, the weather goddess was not in our side and the official party was cancelled in Marbella. So, instead of orange fun, we went for "some fries served the dutch way" ..

and when you add to all these parties The Great Wedding on Friday, which we ofcourse watched all the way and followed and lived and loved..

and the fact that 1st of May is Mothers Day in Spain.. we made some art together with kiddies last week. We found this painting in the trash!! and took it home and decorated it with some stuff we found outside in the nature. All glued and picked by kids, ( ok, I maybe helped a bit by choosing what we pick.. ) I think its very lovely and Oskar was so still bummed this evening he had no present for me. So he said, "Mom, that painting is for you, it has a heart on it, so its from me and Ines for you"

So, a whole lot of celebrations in just couple of days. Uuh, its nice to get back to normal life ;)

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