Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discovering Malaga Centro Historico

Malaga Malaga Malaga..
a city of half a million people and many times more turists. Last couple weeks Malaga has been pretty much hospital for us. Now that part is over, we've had our last check up visit and its Adios Materno Infantil- No Hasta Luego- hopefully never must go back again!!  Ines has no more stiches in her head and she is pretty much back to herself,  lively happy little princess of us. Yeah!!

Now can just enjoy Malaga as it is..

A beautiful city by the sea. Full of history and stories to tell. The center is not very big, but I just love it! big enough for us for many days to just walk around. We have loads of things still to do and see and discover. Picasso was born in Malaga, museum and his birth home still unvisited. Alcazaba- Gibralfaro Castle ruins waiting for us to climb up. The Cathedral unseen inside. We have been just walking around and enjoying the streetlife and beautiful parks. We are waiting for Patrik to join us some weekend. We took kids already in Finland couple years ago to see huge Picasso Exhibition in Helsinki- so Oskar knows who he is and has already a book of his paintings. So those museums are definately something we will go to see. Picasso is big name here. Malaga Airport is called Pablo R. Picasso Aeropuerto, each town or village has some sort of street named after him or little statues and in Malaga there is also a huge park called Jardines de Picasso. Next time we go to Malaga, we talked with kiddies to go see that park.

Malaga Cathedral, Gibralfaro Castle

Centro Historico is the main center if the town. Little streets, shops cafes and restaurants. More cafes and restaurants. When walking around I sometimes wonder if they work at all :D All cafes and bars and restaurants are full of people middle of the day. Streets as well. Sometimes Im not sure if they are turists or locals. But anyhow, I love the feeling and athmosphere Malaga has. Its busy but not hectic. Its green and modern, yet is really old and full of history. And most of all, Its Spanish! even though millions of turists visit the city each year, its still Spanish.Very Spanish.

we like to walk around in the rosegarden and enjoy the scents around us..

Our favorite park however is The Park. A walk through the Paseo Del Parque is amazing. You would never believe you are in the center of a busy city! Playparks, fountains. A real Green Heaven!

Now its Semana Santa in Spain, Holy Easter Week. Schools are all on vacation this week. Easter is huge here, the main festival on catholic church around the world. Malaga city was already last week full of preparations.. We will go see the parades with kiddies as well this weekend, so will post more about this week later!

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