Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Wonder Waves

Siberia has found us!!
This week the weatherman has only promised rain and wind.
Temperatures might go as low as +8 during day time.. so It is winter time!
Far most the coldest weather we have seen so far..

But not to worry..
It said in the forecast that Friday should be min +16 again and only sunshine!
It is crazy how big difference it is here when sun is not shining.. last week was +30 under direct sun Was sitting on my roof terrace with shorts and small t-shirt.. today we should have had gloves on!

Anyhow, crazy Finns will not stay home and be miserable..

.. its all about the gear you are wearing,
so rubber boots on kiddies! and off we went.. took a long walk to the Torreblanca Beach ( the closest beach to us).. was just great! 

Nature is power! Waves were huge and the wind strong and cold cold cold.. 

We had fun! We did not see anyone else walking there, entire town was empty.. 
wanna go surfing,.. guys? 

                               Wind was so strong there was sand on roads..

                                  and  we found this poor dead bird..

the only person we saw.. one lonely man fishing.
A crazy Finn as well, maybe?

After few hours at the beach and long long climb up, back home, to the top of the Torreblanca Hills.. it was very nice the get  Hot Choco and some fresh goodies we bought on our way..

Lets see how many days this will last..

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