Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Streets are made for shopping!

Street markets...

You either love them or hate them. A lot of action, million things to buy.
Easy to get crazy and forget the price vs the value... and / or do you really need what ever it is that you are buying.. but something worth checking out.
I belong to the category of people who loves street markets.
My dear darling Patrik.. is another story. There must be a very good reason for him to join me...

I was trying to find facts and history behind street markets and why they are so common here. When was the first ones held and why and by whom? Couldn't find anything.. So I will get back on that, as soon as my detective mind finds some info. Anyhow, I did hear that most of the stuff they sell are from Morocco.

There is a street market everyday in Costa Del Sol , somewhere. In newspapers and travel guides you can find a listing, when and where. Normally they start around 9am and finish the latest at 2pm.
Some are small, some are big, some are huge.
The one here in Fuengirola is said to be one of the biggest ones in Andalucia,
if not the biggest.

I remember already in the 80's my grandmother used to come here from Benalmadena for the market,  she thought already at those days that it was the best.

So, every Tuesday... go to  THE streetmarket on the Feria grounds!
Tuesday is a normal market day with clothes, stuff, toys, fruit and vegetables. You name it, its here.
But no meat and fish, just veggies and fruits.
Saturday is a second hand market day, no food.

I heard from my friend today that Tuesday is also the busiest day of the week at the Police Station... Unfortunaly, street market days are also pick pocket's paradise. I was told that if you notice a watch etc missing on Tuesday.. go back on Saturday, its probably for sale on some stand.

I visited today Fuengirola market for the first time. I had only been to a street market in Estepona. It is many many times smaller but pretty, since its held at the Yacht Marina.

These fotos I took from Estepona last September on a sunny Sunday:

                                       That was a beautiful hot day!

 Here is a bit colder, darker  winter Tuesday at the Fuengirola Streetmarket. This is just a fraction of stuff there was... was huge huge huge!  Going to be interesting to see if prices go up in the summer.. Some guys were selling  Gucci, Tommy  Hillfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Nike.. you name it. They all got pretty much angry when saw me with a camera.. that should tell enough of their products..

I think this market was great! Its not Bangkok or China.. but pretty cool for a little town in South of Spain... and since this is Andalucia, I start with Flamenco. Of course..

One thing is for sure, after today, this family will start shopping all our fruits and veggies from here!

AND last but not least, WAKA WAKA! 

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