Sunday, January 9, 2011

Numbers do count!


Kids birthdays was something I was thinking already in Finland before we moved here... How to make them special when we are out of our "comfort zone"? Nobody wants their kids to grow up thinking " yeah.. I had miserable birthdays when I was a child ".  So, even though there are no godparents, friends and family around, we  wanted to give Ines something fun and special ... All the waterparks and amusement parks are closed now for winter. So we had to think of something else..
- And I think all in all, we had a lovely day!

She got already on Friday her bicycle.. and she got to choose it herself.. this is what she chose:
Winx-bike with a Princess-helmut... She was soooo proud when she got it!

 And this morning.. when we went to sing for her with couple little presents she was not expecting.. she had forgotten she had a birthday! Her face looked like million diamonds, I can tell you that!

Then we videoskyped my mother in Finland and all sang together once more when she blew Her 3 Candles on Her Cake!  That was a great moment for both, Ines and my mother. Skype is Great!

you only turn 3 once.. who needs porridge! - you deserve cake for breakfast!

Then Oskar had prepared A Magical Show for us ;

..and after magic, we all gathered together and sang Ines's favorite little kids songs, finnish and swedish;

The we hooked up with Patriks mother, who is here on vacation and  drove up 7kms to the mountain, had a lovely lunch  and Ines got her second wish, to ride a donkey!  Palacio was a very nice donkey ..:)

so.. It doesn't have to be grand and great and huge, birthdays can be fun as Expats too! Little things makes sometimes a huge difference..

Now the sun has gone down ..

and we have a BIG DAY tomorrow again!  Kids Club stars in the morning and we got our bikes tuned and snack boxes ready! Yiuhaa! we come Los Pacos, Fuengirola and new friends!

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