Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animals are us!

We went to Fuengirola Zoo today, or Bioparc, as its called.

I had heard good things about this zoo.. like it is well kept and no miserable animals. I even think someone has told me this zoo has got some kind of EU reward. -So, we have been anxious to go see it!

We are Zoo-People, always have been. In Finland  we had a year card and went often. I think its a brilliant way to spend afternoon with children. In Helsinki zoo you can find BBQ-places and tables and little cottages where you can bring your own lunch or picnic with you, side by side with restaurants and cafes. We've got many lovely memories from days we spent there.

The only thing that bugs me about Bioparc in Fuengirola, is the price. I think its expensive.. The entrance fee from 2 adults and 2 children is 54euros in total and this is off-season now.. - so,  not gonna be every weeks fun for this family.. But for sure we will invest another time and go again. On summertime the zoo is open till 1 am, and I really want to go back and see and feel the nightlight.

But in total, it was a lovely little Zoo, not very big, but cozy and athmosphere was nice and calm. The zoo is located right in the center of town. You barely notice there is a zoo behind the walls. So it was nice break to go to "green world" and hear no cars or other sounds of city life.

Also, living conditions for animals were funky and green. They all looked healthy. Which I find important, I would hate to have to explain kiddies why all animals look so sad.
buuuut.. no elephants,  no Lions or  no Zeepras etc..  -many other new friends anyway, some little fellows I didnt even know there are such animals :)

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